Property Management

  • Leasing

    Baboudjian Properties is an industry-leading resource, providing owners and investors with comprehensive leasing and targeted marketing strategies. Every leasing assignment at Baboudjian Properties begins with the goal to outperform the competitive set in the submarket. We constantly analyze market metrics to determine lease rates are at market value. Hard work and accountability combined with proactive communication to brokers and tenants and real-time market knowledge to clients, results in properties that lead their markets in rent, occupancy and retention.

  • Triple Net (NNN) Leases

    With Triple Net (NNN) Leases, it is important to have a property management company that understands the concept of NNN thoroughly. At Baboudjian Properties, we are very attentive to the estimates we send to tenants and the reconciliation that is done during year-end of the actual versus estimated expenses. 

  • Repairs / Mainenance

    With a team of licensed and insured repair and maintenance service professionals, Baboudjian Properties has the resources and technical skills to address nearly all repair and maintenance needs.  Based on a tenant’s lease, we will determine which maintenance item will be considered a tenant's responsibility versus an owner’s responsibility. With our computerized work order system, service requests are responded to promptly and regularly scheduled service calls can be coordinated to address your routine repair and maintenance needs.  This system allows us to track repair and maintenance issues in order to anticipate future needs, as well as quickly determine who would be responsible for the cost of the repair (tenant versus owner). As a professional property management company, we work to stay on top of the following important issues:  

    - Responding to Tenant Service Calls
    - Preparing a Preventative Maintenance Program
    - Implementing Cost Effective Maintenance for Properties

  • Rent Collection and Processing Evictions

    - Annual Operating Budget Development
    - Annual CAM Reconciliations
    - Customized Monthly Reporting
    - Preparation of Monthly Budget Comparison and Variance Reports
    - Monthly Rent Roll
    - Monthly Receivables/Aging Report
    - Monthly Rent Statements
    - Expense Reconciliation
    - Cash Management
    - Compliance with Providing Property Information for Loan Covenants

  • Site Visits

    We are committed to providing routine site visits every month. Additional site visits will undoubtedly be done if situations require this attention.

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Property Management